Rewaq Baghdad

A thinking center that presents visions, ideas, studies and research to elites, specialists and decision makers.Al-Riwaq magazine publishes a review that focuses on one title and writes for the best researchers, writers and specialists. It facilitates knowledge for non-specialists to increase and educate the public away from media that is not built on a scientific basis. 

Al-Rawaq works on translating important and selected articles and researches on English, Persian, Turkish and French languages, to be in the hands of the Iraqi researcher.

The Center proceeds in its work and output from the importance of focusing on knowledge work rather than ideology and charged or extremist theoretical backgrounds , Al-Riwaq believes in the importance of being open to political blocs and knowledge elites in communicating its ideas, perceptions and visions in building the Iraqi state and institutions.

Al-Rawaq aspires to be its product in addition to understanding the Iraqi reality without stiffness and prejudice. The gallery also works to print and publish the research and studies of those who wish after examining and checking them on a scientific basis, and they do not necessarily express its premises, as the gallery is governed by theoretical and scientific frameworks only.

Rewaq Baghdad welcomes all visions, ideas and solutions that are proposed by specialists from researchers, thinkers and writers.