About the Center

The "Baghdad Rewaq" Center provides visions, ideas, studies and research for elites, specialists and decision makers. It publishes the “Al-Rewaq” magazine, which focuses on one title and writes in it the best researchers, writers and specialists. It works to facilitate knowledge for non-specialists, to increase the awareness and culture of the public, away from media that is not built on a scientific basis. Al-Rewaq works on translating important and selected articles and research on the English, Persian, Turkish and French languages, to be in the hands of the Iraqi researcher.

The center stems from its work and production from the importance of focusing on knowledge work rather than ideology and charged or extremist theoretical backgrounds. Al-Rewaq believes in the importance of openness to the political blocs and knowledge elites in communicating its ideas, perceptions, and visions in building the Iraqi state and institutions. Al-Rewaq aspires to be its production in addition to understanding the Iraqi reality without convulsions and prejudices. Al-Rewaq also works to print and publish the research and studies of those interested after examining and scrutinizing it on a scientific basis, and it does not necessarily reflect its endorsements, as Al-Riwaq is governed by theoretical and scientific frameworks only.

The " Rewaq Baghdad" welcomes all visions, ideas and solutions that are presented by specialists, including researchers, thinkers and writers.

About the Center
About the Center


  • "Rewaq Baghdad Center for Strategic Studies and Research" works to achieve a number of goals including:
  • Presenting practical studies, programs and projects to public policy-makers and decision-makers in various fields
  • Create awareness of the importance of public policies and planning and their impact on the development of government and institutional performance
  • Presenting programs and projects to educational and academic institutions in the field of planning and policies
  • Providing programs and training courses in the field of international and international standards issued by reputable international institutions, including the International Organization

    Our Vision

  • Solid and impartial studies
  • Smart and comprehensive policies
  • Realistic plans
  • purposeful programmes

    Our Means

  • Our reliance on the scientific competencies of the gallery members and interested parties
  • Building partnerships with stakeholders in the public sector and public policy makers
  • Building partnerships with centers for studies in public policies and strategic planning at the local and international levels
  • Building an interactive environment with the beneficiaries of studies and research provided by Al-Riwaq
  • Adopting the principle of scientific research that relies on the shortest methods to reach results
  • Building partnerships with accredited training centers that have experience and a good reputation in the field of institutional development