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Why is it unlikely Will the next election change the game?
Why is it unlikely Will the next election change the game?

Partisan work.. Attempt and sustainability


Partisan work in Iraq faces great challenges, some of which are cultural and social, whose roots lie in the depths of the Iraqi individual’s mentality. This is represented in the absence of partisan experience for decades, and thus the absence of traditions of partisan work in terms of concepts and ideas and the establishment of a culture of partisan work in establishing methods of democracy within the party and the seriousness of dealing with it. Achieving partisan goals, so that they prevail (albeit outwardly) over achieving personal or family interests. The partisan experience after 2003 created a double regressive effect in society’s reluctance to participate in partisan work and to offer initiatives to establish new parties, instead of it being the beginning of forming partisan work on national foundations and approaches that develop and grow with the accumulation of experience and the cross-pollination of ideas with other partisan experiences near or far from it. Iraq.


The attempt of the religious authority in Najaf to support the independents by forming a bloc (independents) within the framework of the United Iraqi Coalition in 2004 resulted in dissolution in political projects of interests dominated by the personal ambition of some of the bloc's leaders. This prevented, according to my personal perception, the provision of religious authority for other attempts. Instead, it encouraged the presentation of new party projects on a national basis that could serve as an alternative to the traditional parties that ran the state during the past years until the outbreak of the October 2019 protests.


In the same context, the religious authority confirmed its call to "the intellectual elites and national competencies desiring political action to organize their ranks for the advancement of the country, and to solve its escalating problems within the framework of well-studied practical plans," in the Friday sermon read in the al-Hussaini shrine by Sheikh Abd al-Mahdi al-Karbalai on January 20. First / 2019.


As one of the most prominent results of the October protests was the establishment of a number of political parties and movements that were characterized by patriotic slogans that were predominantly civil or secular in nature, and lacked an Islamic and religious character, and were distinguished from their leaders by their sectarian and national diversity - at other times -. However, it is not expected that these parties will gain great chances of representation in the next parliament. Because of the ability of the traditional parties to organize themselves within the framework of the multiple constituency law and their experience in winning votes, as well as the discrepancy in the great financial capabilities revealed by the nature of the electoral campaigns of the two traditional and new parties. The paradox will lie in the fact that there is a real political project or not, through what the days will reveal about the ability of the new parties to be stable and sustainable in maintaining a pace of political action that is not stopped by the possibility of failure in the elections, which I do not expect in the majority of them; Most of them will be satisfied with acknowledging the inability to change, and cursing the corrupt parties that seized the reins of power, and partisan work, like all institutional activities in Iraq, will remain a victim of just trying, without a sense of longevity and sustainability - often -, and this is what we do not wish for!

Dr. Abbas Al-Anbouri