About the Book

There are many events that are described in Iraq, which are also global at the present time,
and which keep pace with the events, and the observer of the Iraqi situation notices fatigue due to a real perception of what is currently happening.
Regarding the closed and molded opinion, which sometimes sees things as the same,Hence, it was the role of the thinker and the opinion makers to present
it with courage and thought, based on a pen, an idea, memory, awareness,
and knowledge that is the balance of experience and expertise,
through scientific articles that were written and are being written, and which were present and abreast of the events,
and because the positions of the opinion makers that must be declared are those that occur during the events and in Its core,
as the Egyptian writer Tawfiq al-Hakim mentions in his book (The Return of Consciousness).
This is what Professor Ibrahim Al-Abadi tried to address in a collection
of his articles that were published over the years in an interview Monday on the page of Al-Sabah newspaper.
The truth is that the process of creating awareness through responsible analysis of events affecting the Iraqi arena, whether internal or external,
is a challenge that only those who possess Tools of maturity, awareness, and arming yourself with honesty with oneself,
so that one’s intellectual output becomes a treasure for future generations.
Believing in the message of the Baghdad Riwaq Center for Public Policy that its products
should be an addition to understanding the Iraqi reality without tension and prejudices,
the Riwaq Publishing and Distribution House adopted one of the projects affiliated with the Center to collect,
edit and print a collection of articles by Professor Ibrahim Al-Abadi, which varied between the state and its existential concept,
and the prominent role of the religious authority in Najaf on Intellectual rooting for building the modern democratic system in Iraq,
Political Islam and its future in drawing the political map, and the dialectics of the national nation and other sub-identities,
are the most prominent work of the writer, Professor Ibrahim Al-Abadi, in presenting free opinion,
perhaps contributing to the development of sound understanding and practical reading for intellectuals who are students of awareness.

The absent state... articles on politics and society
The absent state... articles on politics and society